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I am a writer, editor, comedian, and occasional illustrator and graphic designer. You may have read my work on Cracked, Thrillist, CBS Local, or a few of the sites I’ve freelanced for. Or maybe you stumbled across my book on BBQ in a clearance bin, in which case, happy grilling.

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The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex: Top-Shelf Blues   Recently updated

Hello, friends! Are you a fan of dinosaurs? Sure, we all are. Are you a fan of my drawing? Odds are not, but on the other hand, here you are, so maybe this is your opportunity to become one via the first installment of The Low-T. Rex over at MEL Magazine. Written by Nick Leftley, this ongoing webcomic chronicles the daily struggle of a dinosaur dealing with depression, insecurity, and low testosterone levels. It’s hard to be king of the dinosaurs when you can’t even master shopping for groceries.

If Low-T. Rex (or even regular T. rex, since he shows up too) isn’t your thing, you can check out more of my regular strip drawings at Reaping Profit or She’s Famous Now, which I swear to you I will one day resume when I can pay myself as much as MEL does.

Low-T. Rex smashing
Low-T. Rex gets sad and frustrated, just like you, but with bloodier results

How to Damn a Movie in Three Words

From the gleeful schadenfreude of this Guardian review of Serenity comes this brutal slice at the — apparently very bad film’s– knees in one proper noun and its least relevant / most pertinent adjective:

The arrival of Baker’s femme fatale ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway, blonde) 

Whoof. Don’t ever let me on your bad side, Charles Bramesco.

Sketchy Saturday bar drawings: Tinkering with Blackbird’s mask

Just an old doodle kicking around designs for Blackbird, as a plurality of my bar drawings tend to do. The idea was that these guys get their models upgraded no matter where they are via subdimensional signal. When improvements are designed, their system gets sent a new molecular configuration because their shell is supersmart metal.

…I should probably never get high.

Bar drawings sketches on bar napknis

There are more than 13 ways of looking at a Blackbird, apparently.

Vintage find: The Grassroots press release

A million years ago, in the days of dinosaurs and social media still being fun, I volunteered to edit an anthology called Grassroots, put together by the creative folk on one of Warren Ellis’s message boards. This was after the Warren Ellis Forum, in the early days of Whitechapel.

Grassroots itself was lost a few site and hard drive crashes ago, but I just uncovered this press release from days of yore.

Press release itself is below the “Read More” cut.