Yearly Archives: 2009

Heist — stolen when you least expect it!

Since we didn’t take our customary one-week break between Heists #1 and 2, I’m invoking it today, for I have a whole lot of New Hampshire to enjoy, and a girlfriend to tackle in the snow. If you really want a Heist fix, why not buy a copy of issue #1?

Heist #1 — for sale at IndyPlanet

Geist’s crisis will continue next Tuesday. Meanwhile, see you back here tomorrow for Prose Wednesday.

Invisible Inc. is truly invisible.

Indulge us in our customary one-week break between issues, as we throw an arm around our loved ones. Issue #3 will start upon my return to NYC next week. Tomas and I both think it to be the finest of the bunch.


Hannibal meets Scipio the younger

Though from a historical perspective, he’s known as Scipio the Elder. One day that awkward young man will shake the pillars of the earth.

Merry Christmas!

And whatever else you celebrate. Here’s the only red and green drawing I’ve done this year.

God bless the Gaussian blur. I was just practicing my coloring, breaking the habits of crosshatching, and trying new Photoshop tricks. Plus, how can you not love Guy Gardner as a Red Lantern?


I did an interview with Paul Grimsley about writing comics: Intoviews if you’re feeling pasty.