Crockpot beer butt chicken

What you’re looking at is a beer-butt chicken (you can see a little bit of the can) brined for 24 hours and then convector-cooked in a crock-pot for a couple hours. The orange capping the neck cavity goes with the orange/honey/cider-vinegar brine and creates just enough vacuum for the beer can to permeate the meat (I added soy sauce and hot sauce to the can’s contents). Also, I’m using pseudo science in what I just said.

I rolled frozen butter pats in a mixture of salt, pepper, onion powder, sage, basil, cilantro and thyme and pushed them under small slits in the skin to flavor the meat from the outside in. On the outside of the skin I rubbed paprika, hot sauce and brown sugar, and then brushed for the final five minutes with a teriyaki glaze. Basically, it’s a roast chicken cooked standing up. It was tasty, but for all that work, I could have just roasted the thing and gotten a similarly tasty result. But oh ho! What gravy I’m gonna get out of this guy.

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