Cracked Topic: Japanese Commercials

This was an article about American celebrities doing commercials in Japan. I positioned it as a fun intersection of genius and crazy, but most commercials are bizarre without the intelligibility of full context. I’m pretty glad Cracked sunset this one, and I thought for years about doing a follow-up where American ads look equally bonkers without English-language audio tracks. If you want a better edition, check out the 1-900-HOT-DOG jam session where we accounted the same subject as more mature adults capable of making informed, woke dick jokes.

Japanese commercials and the wacky celebrities who star in them.

Personally, I vote “Genius.” Japan relentlessly embraces the new. One day I hope to go there.

Anyway, the header image is madness, but so is the subject, so I think it works. Your entertainment mileage may vary. I ran the picture captions back and forth through Babel Fish a few times between English and Japanese. That computer is a poet.