I don’t mind telling you, I’m stumped about when to run Reaping Profit. I’m sitting here on top of 12 weeks of pages, but I’ve got a full week for the entire summer. Sketchy Saturday’s loaded up till Halloween, Citizen X till Labor Day, Dose is all set for at least a year, She’s Famous Now is good for the next month, albeit minus color…and I don’t want to displace Prose Wednesday, which gives Tomas’ beautiful Invisible, Inc. art an extra day to shine.

It’s a stumper, that’s for sure. I guess Reaping Profit is going to float in orbit until a slot opens up, the first comic to get put on hiatus for being too productive.

Meantime, I’ll put a gallery page up with Lockpress and see if isn’t worth a Sacajawea to someone to read the whole thing in one go.