Spider-Man: Turn off “Turn Off the Dark”

I want there to be a Marvel superhero whose idiosyncratic gesture of superpowers is jazz hands. The sound effect would be “Fosse!”

The guys at The Gutters asked me to draw a page, and since their script was making fun of that Spider-Man musical no one should have ever approved, let alone executed, let alone turned into the most costly Broadway play ever, and for crying out loud if you’re going to ignore all those warning signs, why would you awkwardly insert two new characters called Swiss Miss and Arachne the Living Greek Myth? Everything’s garish and a bad idea and full of new characters that don’t fit the concept — it’s like 1994 Spider-Man all over again.

Anyway, making fun of other people’s hard work on that play is my hobby these days, so I was quite happy to seize the assignment. Pencils and inks by me, color and letters by the tag team of Ed Ryzowski and Lar DeSouza.