The Man’s Book of the BBQ

So I wrote this topic for Cracked awhile back. It was never featured, but it ranked high enough in Google to for the production team at Hachette / Octopus to hire me to write their barbecue book. Considering I was smacking golf balls at the park in lieu of employment when they wrote to me, I was kind of surprised, since that’s the exact opposite of how I understand the publication process to work. I’m supposed to write hundreds of cover letters and cling to my dream for the great American novel, A Navel-Gazing Thing Which Occurred.

Granted, I did that, but it was for comics, so it probably doesn’t count. Instead, I give you The Man’s Book of the BBQ. I’m just saying, I wasn’t aware books were printed by googling “Bbq + jackass.” But I’m glad it was! It gave Martinis and me the chance to write this book for you.

You can get the British version come May, or the American version just in time for Labor Day (because it wouldn’t be my birthday if I didn’t put out a book that week).

They’re basically the same. I wrote it up the middle, and they pushed it a little further towards their respective print locales. An interesting thing I learned was UK publishing is leery of mocking foreigners from fictional countries, but encourages jokes at Scotland’s expense.

It’ll be a fun time. And if you find a golden ticket, I invite you to tour my Magical Slaughterhouse.