Everyone Hates the Westboro Baptists

I wish them the worst thing benevolent intentions can deliver: clarity and self-awareness regarding their awful actions.

But till then, here are some people messing with the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church over at Asylum.

Your friends at Asylum hold a lot of different beliefs. Some of us believe in God, some of us believe in nothing and some of us who are clearly right believe the world was created when the evil north wind Tezca’aunhathicon scattered the ashes of the gods’ fire into the stars of the universe, as was revealed in the sacred crystals.

But we can all believe in the value of a good laugh. One plucky young satirist had the right idea recently when he minimized a brimstone preacher’s “You’re all going to hell” screed … with pancake mix.

Since he wasn’t torn apart by bears at the end of the video, we decided to round up some of our favorite videos of people heckling hateful preachers, which, naturally, led us to the Westboro Baptist Church.

When you’re picketing Marines’ funerals and even the KKK makes a point of distancing itself from you, you’ve plainly failed as Americans.

Keep reading to see the best videos of Phelps and the gang getting pwned.

Our first fine fellow swoops in at the two-minute mark in Anonymous’s hallmark Guy Fawkes mask, and steals the WBC’s Hawaiian flag. Damn right, because our ancestors didn’t annex Hawaii at gunpoint just for some anti-American types to come in and wish for its destruction.

Australia isn’t as shy as the U.S. about airing foul language, at least until we annex it at gunpoint. (A hearty welcome to 2017’s addition, the Koala State!) When comedian Charles Firth decided to romance Fred Phelps’s son, they informed their audience exactly who these crazy Topekans are with exquisitely NSFW audio clips, unless you work at a sewerage treatment plant.

This next youth strides brazenly into the church’s midst and promptly Rick Rolls them. Considering the Westboro Baptists start their morning with a prayer for God to kill everyone and end it by gargling with the blood of the unbaptized, that takes a serious pair. Buy this guy a beer if you know him.

The great thing about this country is when hatemongers gather, they’re usually met by a much larger counter-protest. So here’s something you don’t hear every day — how about a cheer for the frat boys? The guys at Alpha Delta Phi decided to protest the WBC by dancing to Diana Ross. In terms of gaiety, their dance only lands a 5 out of 10, but the judges award you a perfect score for Awesome, Alpha Delta Phis!

And, of course, the video that inspired us in the first place, “You ain’t got no pancake mix!”