Daily Archives: May 6, 2011

Six gods Thor would own in battle

I drew and laid out an MTV Clutch infographic featuring The Mighty Thor vs. a bunch of other gods, from the antique to the obscure. A little luck saw me through both a scanner failure and some dried-up inking pens. It suited the piece that I draw movie Thor, who looks ultimate, rather than Kirby Thor, whom I’ve never been able to not make look like a tool.

Of course, Thor kind of is a tool, so it would have worked out anyway. Anyway, Andy Green wrote the whole thing, and I gave it form.
Thor vs Thoth

I really felt bad drawing the one above. Nobody outflanks Thoth. I guess I owe him a coke.

Et tu, Art Brut?

My friend Alex de Campi directed Art Brut’s latest video, and I attended the filming. Our scene of some drunken lads slam-dancing didn’t make it to the video, but was a lot of fun. And it’s a catchy song. Zee final product:

Pretty nice, eh? Now that…that was a good day.