Epic Win Burlesque

I covered the fine folks at Epic Win Burlesque for the United Kingdom’s Bizarre magazine. Apparently it’s out? I’m not sure. There’s a web version you can google if you like (careful — it’s NSFW), but I’m not linking to it only because it’s so removed from what I wrote it would be disingenuous to claim any authorship of it.

There aren’t three words there that I strung together, having written more of a feature, and this is a nugget list someone else wrote. That’s just part of publishing sometimes. I met my deadline and got paid in prompt fashion, so both sides are happy, and I thank the editors at Bizarre for the work. I’m just not including it in the official bibliography here because it’s more like an article someone else wrote from my notes.

I had fun interviewing the Epic Win folks, so it was a nice assignment. Christopher Lane, the photographer, was a cool guy as well, and quite talented. He actually came to the shoot straight from the birth of his first child. Yowza.