I Sort of Had Nothing to Do With This

Over at Asylum they asked me to do a flashy chart for Andy Green’s article on horrifying facts about lady parts. And I said “Flashy? No no no, let us be demure.”

What’s a tasteful way of making a visual representation for that kind of thing? I went for an anterior view of the pubic bone, because when you buy my services, you’re buying class. Also, sarcasm. But mostly class. And I make a good martini.

Anyway, I asked them to hold off the credit, because when this originally ran, I was job-hunting and didn’t really want Google linking my name with “Horrifying vagina.” Which of course it’s doing right now. I’ve already got my name image-associated to a dude banging an inflatable horse (not my fault) and two guys in Spider-Man costumes (okay, that’s my fault).

It blew up Digg, though, to Andy’s credit. Or maybe credit is due to female anatomy. One of those has got to be popular on the internet. Anyway, yeah. I didn’t write any of that follows, but I took a day’s pay to gig up the graphic. God, that went down as one of the worst summers of my existence. Not because of all the cold, clinical vagina I’m getting paid to make PG, but because of all the stuff that was preferable to.