Kanye West: Superstar

Did you know there’s going to be a Kanye West musical? I can’t wait for the bit where he leaps around the theatre while the Green Goblin pursues him.

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The good: There’s going to be a Kanye West musical!

The bad: It will affirm everything he tells himself about himself in the mirror each morning. Curse you, West, for being as good as you won’t stop saying you are!

Phillip Roser and Damien Higginbottom are the creators of the most important biographical musical since Jesus Christ: Superstar, with the difference being Christ didn’t take his work quite as seriously as Kanye does. These university students in Sydney (Australia, probably but possibly Wheeler. Somewhere inaccessible, at any rate). have written and produced a musical biopic (bioplay?) of Kanye West. They promise “It won’t let the truth get in the way and will be a lot of fun,” so it sounds like it has a pretty good point of view on what happens in Kanye’s head.

Seven original (non-West-written) songs are in the offing, promising to adhere tightly to the megastar’s audio style. So…they’re going to break out a rhyming dictionary and exhaust every possible word combination before the hook drops?
The Sydney University production is scheduled to run September 5 to September 7, but will likely hit the stage earlier than expected to interrupt the Taylor Swift musical running this week. (Side note: No, not really.) Any Sydney-Sider Clutch fans want to attend and share their reviews, thoughts, dark secrets, or bootleg media? This play sounds like it will be the anti-Turn Off the Dark, and Clutch is resolved to pursue the story to its beautifully self-absorbed end.