Pulled pork, piled plates

Finally did something I’d been meaning to do for ages: bought a pork shoulder, mashed a couple of bulbs of garlic into paste with Adobo, olive oil (and mustard, because come on — it’s pork). Let that sit overnight.

Next morning I loosely wrapped it in aluminum foil and slow-roasted that baby at 250 for half the day. Towards the end I tossed in a couple of quartered onions, and I drizzled a little orange juice over it for flavor and crispification, cranked the heat up to 400 and let it ride.

Rice and beans, mandatory accompaniments.

Say, what’s that non-pork looking dish? Pico de gallo with the best chips in the neighborhood. That’s right, got a Gil Elvgren senorita on top and everything, tastier than Tostitos and stronger for scooping, too. Sip with mango juice spiked with Dominican rum and you have got yourself a meal. Then you settle in for some Community and enjoy the drop-off-the-bone fruits of your labor (mostly pounding garlic).

And of course, breakfast tacos the next day.