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Which gimp should you be for Halloween?

Oh no, the Halloween party starts in 20 minutes and you have no costume! Lucky for you, you need look no further than a one-size-stretches-to-fit-all morphsuit. With no accessories you can be one of America’s favorite gimps, as detailed in my latest Maxim article.

Human being

I’m not gonna lie, though, the Greendale Human Being takes a little prep. I tried to be one when the idea came to me late Saturday evening. Next year, McGinley. Next year.

Till then…I’m the wingtipped Green Lantern, because even superheroes add a touch of class when they party. Total costume cost: $2 facepaint and one borrowed pair of legwarmers.

Which gimp should you be for Halloween?

Stocking America’s Rivers

I think freelance is becoming a redundant tag at this point.

Dad and I anti-fished, which is when you dump hundreds of pounds of salmon into the Shetucket River, and I wrote about it for Maxim.

Man, I’m never going to forget that grinder we ate afterward. I may name a child after it.

Jemima Rooper

New Background Check: Jemima Rooper at Maxim’s Dirty Briefs blog. She’s a talented lady (which is my first criterion in attraction) who is usually found kissing other women (which is Maxim’s) in respectable dramatic productions (which is theater’s). Caution: the rest of the post is vintage blue movie lesbian scenes from Black Dahlia, so…yeah

Jemima Rooper is an attractive non-lesbian who plays many lesbians

Ashes to cashes

My buddy Alex de Campi wrote a new comic! If you remember Smoke

She made a sequel. It’s called Ashes, and they’ve already raised $5600 on Kickstarter. If you donate, you’re basically buying a copy + fabulous prizes, which is more than you get from those $3.99 decompressed books. You can receive original art, even become a character in the book, or buy the film rights if you’re into that sort of thing, Mr. Weinstein.

So you’re paying the artist to make something you enjoy. Holy hannah! It’s like you’re a Renaissance patron. And a comic book character! It’s win all down the line.

Dave Gibbons, John Cassaday and Bryan Talbot all like it. Don’t you want to be cool?