NY Post and I only agree on one thing 2

Lady Jenn Bocian Don't Love YouAnd it’s not the superiority of the Giants. That piece on sexy schoolgirl music videos that I wrote for Maxim’s Dirty Briefs landed on Page Six of the New York Post, because Lady Jenn is going places.

Speaking of going places, here’s a piece on fishing in New Zealand my dad wrote for the New York Times. And if you’re wondering what the connection is, it’s New York newspapers, Maxim, and dad’s love of fishing.

2 thoughts on “NY Post and I only agree on one thing

    • Brendan McGinley Post author

      Their sister company, Fox News, called my Ma’s cell phone at some ungodly hour from an unlisted number to notify her they were going to use a video that could be useful in scaring old white people. How they knew my mom was one of the city editors is easy enough, but getting her private cell without calling the newspaper to ask for it (and why they didn’t just call the newspaper…) is the mystery.