Five Funny Pratfall Gifs

A pratfall is specifically one plopping down on one’s ass. No faceplants here. We compiled the best fall-down-go-boom shots because we care about your well-being, and laughter is the best medicine. No, that’s a lie: antivirals are. But also, we only did this so we could point at people and laugh at them while they’re down. We’re terrible human beings. Here we go!

A skateboard? Can’t imagine how this young man will end up on his tuchus. Well, that’s a lie, but we didn’t expect what happens after his rail-slide (or is that fail-slide?) on a table goes vertical.

Skateboard fall
Haha, that’ll teach you to aspire to things

Man, Robbie Williams might be past his peak, but the man knows how to recover from a pratfall. We’ve never seen such a polished example of “I meant to do that.” He seamlessly segues into the recline, like, “What up, Robbie Williams?” “Oh, just chillaxing here, singing some songs about life. You?” Nicely done, sir.

Robbie Williams falls, nice recovery thought

Two girls in their underwear performing Risky Business is sexy. One girl watching in horror as her friend skull-dents the hardwood floor? Much less so, unless you subscribe to But if that’s your inclination, why don’t you just keep surfing, mister? We have no truck with your particular perversions. Can’t you see there’s a young woman in pain here?

Risky Business girl falls
This is indeed a risky business!

This one’s deliberate, but it’s Mr. T, and if the ’80s taught us anything, it’s that Mr. T makes everything better. Everything. Even finding out your mother’s having an affair. So we’re going to allow it (the GIF, not the affair).

Now for something a little more current. To make a romance work takes a lot of effort, luck, and commitment. But to make a bad romance, all one really needs is a bit of self-destruction, and Lady Gaga shows she has it a’plenty when she tumbles off this piano.


And she keeps going like a champ! She should go on tour with Robbie Williams

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