The Atlantic Wire wrote a piece on one of my Cracked columns

Or more specifically, an endlessly recurring image from one of my Cracked pieces: this mock Cosmo cover.

The Long Viral Life of Overanalyzing Magazine

Apparently it’s going big on Facebook and uh…gee, is the most popular post on AdWeek right now. I’m grateful people like it, humbled that anyone would, shyly proud of it, and thankful to Cracked for all the opportunities to do my shecky dance on their stage. And now I’m going for a run.

Overanalyzing Magazine Cosmo Cosmopolitan spoof cover Christina Hendricks

I probably owe Ms. Hendricks an apology and a double of scotch

Here are the other two I mocked up for that article so they’re all in one place on this site:

Maxim Macho spoof cover Kim Kardashian

My friend and future editor at Maxim said the biggest laugh he got out of this was “That damned circle.”



Godey’s was alright for its time, man. I’m giving them a bad rap here.