Happy Rogers Day!

Today is Mr. Rogers’s 85th birthday and the tenth year since his passing, so I wrote a column about him over at Cracked. A lot of people liked it, and one guy even started a petition to the White House calling for March 20th to officially become Rogers Day—a day to do something kind for your neighbors, teach a child something new, and let people know they are loved, flaws and all, even if you barely know them.

And now I’m wondering how I’m ever going to return to my more customary dark humor.

Truth be told, I had this one half-prepped a year ago, and was sour at myself for not finishing it in time, but this year seems a little more appropriate. I’m not sure I was in a good enough place to write it last February. Anyway, it’s here now and I’m very grateful for the reception it’s had.

All debt owed to the Esquire profile that was its source, by the fantastic Tom Junod. I tried to find a copy on Esquire’s site to link to, but it’s been archived in Great Men, which I bought a copy of and you should too. It’s the single greatest profile piece I’ve ever read.