Hey, look: I wrote another book — Top 10 for Men 2013

Brian Cullen and I spent half of last year putting together this installment in the Top 10 series begun by Russell Ash. It’s full of nifty information gents can use to impress other gents, like “Most Diverse Nations (by Monkey Species)” and “Unbreakable Wilt Chamberlain Records.” Along the way, we added a personal touch with some more speculative, subjective lists, like “Seldom Used English Punctuation Marks,” and anything else that made us laugh enough to crack one-liners.

Anyway, if you don’t like it, I’ll buy it back from you.

Here are some other non-comic books that I’ve done. So if you’re counting, that’s one written, one illustrated, and one co-authored, even though Brian did most of the work because he’s hungry for success, whereas I am in my “Fat Elvis” phase.

Try it! You’ll like it. It’s out now.

2 thoughts on “Hey, look: I wrote another book — Top 10 for Men 2013”

  1. Its a good book I was checking it out had some fun facts. The only thing is you have the wrong stats for “Most home runs in a single year”… most men who remotely know anything about baseball, know that Bobby Abreu did not set the home run record for a single year with 41 home runs. 41 hasn’t been a record since 1930 I think. Barry Bonds hit 73 in 2001, and if you were alive when that was going on you heard about it…. Your stats from the baseball almanac are referencing most home runs in a home run derby not “a single year”. Also, baseball stats are usually referenced by season, not year.

    • Yessir, good eye! That list was composed as “Most Home Runs in a Single Home Run Derby” and somehow it transmogrified. We should have caught that in the proofs. Our editors were English, so I’m thinking the mixup happened over there, and we did not do our job when it came back to us for approval.

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