Damn Good Sandwiches for National Sandwich Day

Once you’ve had a Mago Barca, which, PS, I invented, you’ll never enjoy anything else. Except a banh mi. Or a grinder. Or the Mackenzie. Or…dang, man, there are just too many incredible sandwiches to be had. But I began the manly catalog of them with Damn Good Sandwiches for National Sandwich Day.

I enjoyed the heck out of asking 10 Weird Questions of Candace Kita and yes, mom, I know I posted this last time, but she’s a delight:

I compiled the best dark cabaret to keep your Halloween spooky, fun, and bloody.

I interviewed Wonder Woman and 100 Bullets scribe Brian Azzarello, with video! The folks at DC say at 20 words of mine to every one of his, I actually had the best score on getting a reply out of him. He’s the Calvin Coolidge of writers who are my writing inspirations.

I pressed a lingerie-clad Kenley Collins about her style, how guys can look sharp, and why her music’s so good to listen to.

I had a very interesting chat with scream queen Devanny Pinn about her bloody body of work (and occasionally just her bloody body) vis-a-vis her Christian faith, and how to keep horror interesting (hint: it’s part of why small-budget flicks tend to be better than bigger ones).

Another week, another wonderful life. Between all this fun, riding my bike to work, and eating tacos, I may be the happiest boy in New York City.