New Thrillist Post: Every Jaw-Dropping Moment on TV This Year

Over at the ol’ Thrillist I had time to compile the most stunning moments in 2017 television (warning! TV spoilers are like the entire point of that article) alongside my colleagues Christie and Andrea. It didn’t matter if it was a cliffhanger, a twist, a reveal, or whathaveye as long as it made us leap off our collective American couches and scream in outrage and/or satisfaction. Our rule of thumb was only: “If it’s a 2017 TV stunner, in it goes.”

Probably the biggest shocker? That The Walking Dead didn’t have any shockers. Its big one last season was in 2016, and then it’s been a whole lot of tug o’ wills between Rick and Negan. Not bad stuff, mind you, just a straightforward drama without any huge changes. Closest we came to a twist was the betrayal, but that was too quickly dealt with to change a damn thing.

I was also delighted to publicly declare my love for The Good Place and to argue that Jon Snow is innately unable to freeze to death. Pop culture: fun stuff.