The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex: Strain in Vain

Tyrannosaurus Rex at the gym

The second installment of The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex finds our hero protagonist struggling to bench a light load at the gym, when he’s distracted by the arrival of the High-T. Rex, who crushes it despite his itty-bitty arms.

Acute observers may note that the Low-T. Rex’s shirt is the same pink as his little bow tie, and the High-T. Rex’s sweatbands are in fact the same. This is because, despite his intimidating go-for-it vibe and insensitivity to LTR’s obvious insecurity, he is basically a good dude, and they have a lot in common. For example — they’re both Tyrannosaurus rex! Their common sauranity is indicated by the shared hue. Color as character: you didn’t know this whole strip was secretly an M. Night Shyamalan joint.

Click on the sobbing Low-T. Rex below to read our tragedy of embarrassment and woe.

The tyrannosaurus rex comforts his low-testosterone buddy
Most of the huge guys at the gym are actually quite nice and eager to share their knowledge, I’ve found