The Adventures of the Low-T. Rex #3: At Baking Point

Great British Baking Show spoof with dinosaurs

We all have that one dream of making it big. Or baking it big, in Low-T. Rex’s case. I’ve never gotten into reality TV or game shows for the same reason I can’t get into sports: it’s just arbitrary competition to me, with no real reason to root for one person or another. So when Nick asked me to draw “Paul Hollywood as a Centrosaurus” for this Great British Baking Show spoof, that was two different web searches I had to conduct. Regardless, I hope I achieved the saurification of Mr. Hollywood.

Also, is it clear that the rounded-edge panels are all a TV fantasy, rudely interrupted by the smoke alarm? I wanted to show his dreams literally as well as figuratively going up in smoke.

Favorite panel? Definitely the monochromatic final sulk. He’s rage-quit, but he’s still watching. That’s Rex in a nutshell.