Low-T. Rex #4: Mature Reflection — or, What Do Dinosaurs Pray For?

Tyrannosaurus rex prays

Did dinosaurs pray to God during their brief existence some 5900 years ago? I don’t want to spoil the reveal in this week’s Low-T. Rex, but it begins with him dropping to his knees (ankles? Duclaws? T. rex anatomy is a little different from ours) in a dark alcove, praying to God (who is a velociraptor, I don’t know if you know that) for some kind of mercy.

Lord, can’t we all relate in this day and age.

Anyway, his prayers go unanswered, possibly because his stubby little arms can’t properly clasp hands in prayer. Is this proof that all dinosaur fossils were placed in the earth by Satan to trick us? Leading theologians assert that, yes, this is irrefutable evidence of Lucifer meddling in God’s perfect creation. Case closed, atheists. If God isn’t real, then why is the Devil trying to test our faith in Him?

…I’m particularly proud of the cartoon rubbery poses in this one. Not great yet, but getting better, back into the groove.