The Most Faithful* DCEU Production Ever Is a 1979 TV Movie

Are you scared about the future? Scared about the present? Scared there’s no future? Let the past reassure you, thanks to the most devoted* adaptation of the DC Universe ever put to film. Over at 1-900-HOTDOG I reviewed Legends of the Superheroes: The Challenge and The Roast, and found them strangely wonderful? They do exactly what they set out to do. I think they just caught the wrong part of the comedic era they nailed. Existing in the same universe as Adam West’s Batman, they indulged similar humor, but it had gone from sly and self-mocking to a post-Steve Martin ironic cheese.

Regardless, I was surprised how much more I enjoyed it than when I originally purchased a bootleg VHS of it at a comic shop in the ’90s. It’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. And yes, the people at the time knew how cheesy it was, and yes, that immediately hampered it. But it’s kind of fun and charming all the same. Go read my comedic take on Legends of the Superheroes at the very affordable price of one penny or more with 1-900-HOTDOG.

*One caveat: faithful to the Adam West version of Batman’s Earth.