Hey, Quit Using Your Instant Pot the Dumb Way, You Dumb Dummy

Tasting Table asked me to enumerate all the ways you’re lousing up a good thing with this Instant Pot deal of ours in 13 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes With Their Instant Pot. Along the way I learned some stuff—about the Instant Pot, yes, but baby, also so much about myself! Anyway, here’s my list of ways you probably didn’t realize you’re screwing up. Take it from me, a guy who once did a teardown on the pot all the way down to the circuitry as part of a bid to clean up an overflow/exploded root beer brew. But because I am a magnanimous friend, I don’t just tell you how you’re using the Instant Pot wrong, I include the solutions to use the Instant Pot correctly from now on. You’re welcome, please make me yummy food with the Instant Pot as a sign of your gratitude.