Root Beer & Ice Cream, Uncombined

Two new articles are up over at Tasting Table: The 19 Best Root Beers and Every Insomnia Ice Cream Flavor, Ranked. In theory, you could take the best of both to make a root beer float. In practice, you should not. For you see, most of the Insomnia flavors are their “Cookies IN Cream” line, and nobody wants to drink soggy chunks of floating cookie crumbs. However, I did report that their vanilla was A+ so it’s up to you to find the right level of root beer that can play nice with others.

And don’t worry if you want a greater array of options. There’s still that piece I contributed to, which power-ranked America’s best ice cream flavors both regional and national. Surely there’s an ice cream flavor for you in there to pair with my recommendations for which root beers make a quality float.

(And while we’re on the subject, you ever put a scoop of chocolate ice cream in a glass, then pour a Guinness over it? YOU ARE WELCOME.)

After this root beer ranking ran, Sprecher reached it to me on LinkedIn after this went live to say thanks. Thank you for what? Reporting that they make a fantastic root beer? It was an easy choice, but don’t think Bulldog didn’t fight namesake-hard for silver.