Oh Hi, I Write for Popular Mechanics Now

I did a few branded pieces for Popular Mechanics this year, starting off with a World Gold Council walkthrough on how gold makes cool things cooler. Quite literally in the case of the Webb telescope. You wouldn’t think you’d need an industry council promoting gold, but it exists and I assume its headquarters is incredible. I have yet to find a link for this one, but the work was interesting and the pay was good. Sadly, nobody mailed gold ingots to my house.

In the realm of articles I do have links to, here are Everything You Need to Become a Backyard Pizza Master and Elite Tools to Upgrade Your Summer Grilling. It’s summertime and we’re cooking outdoors the way God intended, baby! That is to say, using unfathomable technology to maximize effects while minimizing expenditure. That’s the mechanic’s way.

Some will say the ceramic briquettes were meant for use only with gas grills. Poppycock, says I, who use them amidst charcoal and have not yet gotten cancer in several weeks of doing so! However, I welcome reasons why this shouldn’t be done, please lemme know, because the internet was not in the least forthcoming with a single reason why not. However, I did find a link or two that said it was fine. I don’t roll with those arbitrary rules.

…maybe I should have called the manufacturer. Maybe I will yet.