Subscription Meat Boxes Might Be a Better Deal Than Whole Foods

I’m back at Tasting Table with two new subscription box reviews in “Is ButcherBox Worth the Hype?” and “Is Omaha Steaks Worth the Hype?” My answer is yes for ButcherBox if you eat that much meat (it’ll pretty much feed one person for a month or a family of four a couple nights a week) and really want the good stuff, though some people with access to a local cow/farm share might find it the better option.

Omaha Steaks is a little more complicated, as it’s pricier. I think what you get with them is restaurant experience at premium butcher prices. So if you’re doing it rather than hit the steakhouse a half dozen times in a month it’s definitely savings, except now you’re responsible for the work, and you’re obviously not worried about money. But hey, again: family of four, you could start saving a couple hundred bucks a month.

It’s not a direct comparison because my entire ButcherBox tryout was steak while Omaha Steaks sent me a sampler of all their animals. And I really enjoyed the Omaha cuts, everything was great. Still, of the two, it feels like if I were likely to do either, it would be ButcherBox. I’ll probably write up a point-by-point comparison of the two soon.