Oh Hi, I Write for Esquire Now

For a New Yorker with a desk job, I use multitools quite a bit. Perhaps it’s because I’ve had mostly living situations where it’s easier to DIY than wait forever for a landlord response to problems. Maybe it’s having had a backyard and doing a lot of little jobs in the garden. Or possibly it’s because when I was editing men’s interest, PR folks would not stop sending them to me as a surprise (it was randomly Christmas quite a bit at CBS). Maybe it’s just because they are beautiful pieces of design and I love them.

My first multitool was a Christmas gift: a Swiss Army Knife that’s still with me, battered and incomplete but useful every week. Then I owned an absolutely beautiful Leatherman that, like a dummy, I forgot to pull out of my bag before a trip and had to surrender to TSA despite it being all but new. Currently, I sport a Gerber Truss that will be intact and useful long after I am dead and gone, probably in Civil War 2025. Or maybe my Swiss Army Knife will save my life? It’s entirely possible!

Anyway, here’s my Esquire debut, Seven Unconventional Uses for Your Huntsman Swiss Army Knife’s Tools, in which I shatter functional fixedness to create a branded piece for Victorinox. It’s no “Can You Say Hero?” but it is a topic that excites me at a publication I admire. I love good design, multifunctionality, economy, efficiency, and beautiful aesthetics. These multitools, but particularly the originator Victorinox, are all of that and more.