Bet You Can’t Name a More Exciting Distiller Than Bruichladdich

Esquire asked me if I wanted to get hyped up about Bruichladdich. I told them you can’t hype up what’s already hyped, because Bruichladdich is my favorite label out of Scotland. (Yes, yes, I know, you’re thinking Lagavulin is a finer product, but I’m telling you what I adore as an entity.) It was an easy assignment! I loved Bruichladdich’s whisky before I even asked myself “Who makes the peatiest scotch in history?” Then I loved them more. That’s a true story from years before Esquire branded editors and I ever met. So, y’know, sometimes whit’s fur ye winna gae by ye.

My affections only grew in the course of researching the article. I found out they’re the first certified B-Corp in Scotch whisky and they give their employees equity. And that’s barely any of the great things I learned about them! They say never meet your heroes, but I guess you can drink with them. I didn’t have to affect a single ounce of enthusiasm, but I’m enthusiastically enjoying the effects of the two ounces of Bruichladdich I’m sipping as I write this.

The happy post-script to an already happy assignment was that their PR team reached out to me after I turned it in (but before it had run) to ask if I’d be interested in trying their fine wares. I assured them I was already familiar but wouldn’t say no.

And that, your honor, is how my dog ended up wearing a Bruichladdich bandana at this bar, so help me Scottish Jesus.

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