Oh Hi, I Write for Delish Now

My Hearst client list continues to expand (and yet another debut is in the hopper) with a Johnnie Walker collaboration that was very easy to say yes to when they asked me to wax fondly on the Scottish icon. These two pieces commemorate the high-rye and black label, so the science demanded I sample both of my subjects at the bar.

First up: What’s in the Whisky Bottle? in which we walk you through the basic steps of distilling whisky and give you common terms to know.

Then it’s The Expert Guide to Hosting a Whisky Tasting, because I do two things well: schmooze at parties and drink whisky. If you’re there to do both, I’m going to have a jovial smile and a welcoming attitude.

As for the celebratory bottle when I turned them in, I still favored the green label, which is excellent but also fondly linked to some good memories. For my quite-literal money, you can’t beat it. It’s very nearly as good as blue, but at a third of the price. New York City will distort nothing quite so much as your views of what alcohol should cost, but at least the price hike is proportional.