I Ranked Every 2022 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Variant

The fun at Tasting Table just keeps escalating, as Goose Island sent me a case of its new Bourbon County stouts. Now I’m a stout-livered man, by which I mean I both favor this style of beer and can weather the imperial editions, but I have to say this is heady going. I would drink these beers out of a shotglass, but the Glencairn was probably the wiser call on Goose Island’s part. If you get your hands on this batch, you could actually save a lot of money just having your buddies over every Friday and all splitting a single beer over the course of an evening. Seven weeks later, you’d finally be done and all agree that I was completely right about my rankings. Nevertheless, it’s all successes, including some audacious experiments that I simply cannot believe worked out.

…Man, I am going to dream of that Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout forever, though.