Talking Turkey & Quaffing Coffee

Two new Tasting Table pieces are up: First, it’s your guide to celebrating Thanksgiving in NYC restaurants if you can’t entertain at home, don’t like to entertain at home, have too many people to entertain at home, or just don’t want people in your home. Me, I’m lighting out to Connecticut in a couple hours to wrangle myself an old-fashioned, New England Turkey Day, though not so old-fashioned that it’s couched in atrocities. Ugh. I’m perpetually split between adoring a holiday devoted to gratitude and appreciation of family, and the horrendous corruption that came from its murky origins.

Happily, I’ve got something that has never been known to make anyone anxious or paranoid: it’s coffee! I spent a morning sampling the delights of the Empire State Building’s new Starbucks Reserve. I have to say, it’s an experience. The food’s better than not bad, the coffees are exceptional, and the bar is an elegant place to take in NYC. Now if only they’d stop blocking unionization.