Oh Hi, I Write for Fatherly Now

Something you might not know about the web publishing world is that the run-up to Thanksgiving is a mad flurry of activity to prep all the gift guides that will ideally run without hiccups on Black Friday. If this happens, the writers, editors, designers, and video wizards of the internet, can enjoy our tofu-seitan-tempeh turducken with a modicum of peace in mind, or plot our modifications to tomorrow’s gobbler.

That leaves December a relatively quiet affair, with the first couple weeks about receiving the last crucial bits from clients and freelancers, tightening the screws, and setting things right in time for the back half of December, when you’re technically working, but more properly working from home even in non-plague years with Slack on your phone just in case you need to abandon this pine grove and rush home to remove all the slurs from an article about pound cake.

And yet sometimes, editors are working to the wire. So it was that in mid-December I was mildly surprised to find myself commissioned to write about power tools for a branded Fatherly piece in partnership with Festool. I give you: 5 Power Tool Gifts For The Renovation Pro Of The House.