1-900-HOTDOG Megajam: Japanese Commercials, American Celebrities

Teamworking Day! It’s Teamworking Day! All the Hot Dogs wrote up our favorite Japanese Ads starring U.S. celebrities, a topic I know a little something about. Our mandate: write a paragraph about short TV spots. Our execution: mini-essays, because no word count on this topic can compress comprehensively. If I hadn’t already covered some spots about the exceptionally high-strung Arnie ads in previous discourse, I might have zeroed in on very real groper Arnold Schwarzenegger getting accused of train-touching before energy drinks turn him into Scrooge McHomelander. But again: one paragraph, already exploded by something shorter and saner, like Sylvester Stallone squicking hot dogs with a fork to the most cursed snap of a casing ever recorded. On this micro-madness, I bid you and 2022 farewell.

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