I’m on Secretly Incredibly Fascinating’s Maps Episode

My old pal from Cracked and my current pal from 1-900-HOTDOG, Alex Schmidt, invited me and our fellow tubed-meat comedy colleague Dennard Dayle onto his big-fun podcast Secretly, Incredibly Fascinating. As a long-time listener, first-time caller, it was a pleasure to see Schmidty’s smiling face again now that he’s rolling in Jeopardy money and can lend me $5.

We had fun! How often can you say that in the 2020s? Go listen on the platform of your choice, and maybe support Alex’s efforts via Patreon.

Art of all three of us above is by still another Hot Dog chum and one-time She’s Famous Now concept artist Rusty Shackles! That’s it. That’s all of the links you need for today. Go listen to us make jokes about Ptolemy while you work out.