Buster Brown Is an Evil Ifrit (and Other Revelations From Our End Times)

Over at my most-beloved gig as a monthly columnist in the comedy website/burgeoning cult known as 1-900-HOTDOG, I wrote about the bug-eyed beauty Buster Brown. Buster is a very early character from the history of comics, who has not aged, sold more merch than Garfield, once adjusted for world population and production costs, and absolutely wants you to see and understand the meaning of his great work dissembling your loved ones. By the end, you too shall laugh. You cannot look away. You cannot blink. Buster’s eyes are your eyes now. Oh help. This is comedy.

Anyway, that kid Buster Brown is an evil little guy, and I made fun of him. Free to read, but wouldn’t you rather subscribe for mere pennies and get access to the funnier writers than me on 1-900-HOTDOG? You already pay $50 a month or more for streaming services that don’t make you laugh, so huck a buck at the comedians who do.