Still Austin is Proof Texas Bourbon Kicks Different

Up at Tasting Table: Still Austin whiskeys review and overview. Not everyone will like this batch of Still Austin whiskeys sent my way for review (I already know one friend who swore off them before they ever reached me), but that’s okay, because they’re mostly available locally, and dpriced at a reasonable level. It’s not going to break your bank to try. While I don’t consider this similar to Garrison Brothers, both do exude a buck-wild potency you don’t see in a lot of east coast whiskeys, even at cask strength. For that reason, I find my interest in…terroir? Atmosphere?—growing as I consider the newer labels like Stranahan’s and these Texas broncos. All in all, I find them worth a pour at the bar to see if you want the bottle, and far from the worst whiskey sent my way to review the past several weeks.