Eating Gourmet Shake Shack & Greasy Wings

It’s been a pleasantly junk food week, even if some of it is fast food at its most elevated. First Tasting Table sent me down to Shake Shack for a one-on-one tasting experience with their executive chef/VP of culinary innovation, so I could review each item in their new White Truffle Menu, available today through the end of spring. Then I was tasked with a trip to Wingstop to try every flavor, including the special Knicks promo one and the plain wings, because zero is still a number, friendos. Also, the plain wings landed so much higher on that list than you would expect.

Wingstop leans toward intensity. They definitely know how to fry a bird, but about half their sauce list just came on so strong, I felt like my tongue was making the same mistake as someone looking for true romance at Hedonism II. Thankfully it arced into some really well-balanced flavors and I’m mildly drowning in cholesterol. Though surprisingly no trans fats? Hooray for small victories. And also the part where I was paid to eat SO MUCH FRIED CHICKEN.

Above, the fantastic, dream confection of a white truffle stroopwafel that John Karangis made us, and which won’t be on the menu anytime soon. Below, my able assistant Jack prepares to make himself sick on spicy capsaicin as soon as I turn my back.