I Gambled My New Yorker Card on a Pizzeria You’ve Never Heard of

Something a little fun and different at Tasting Table. The editors rounded up a nation’s worth of hungry writers and had us pick the pizzeria we would send anyone to in our fair city if travel weren’t an issue. I went with–okay, hear me out, YES the pizzeria on the corner of my old block, but not the closest or even-second closest one. Yelp will back me on this. Pizza Palace on Dyckman is a legendary, even iconic old shop that has had decades to get it right, and I will gladly put it up as–listen, maybe not the best pizza in the city, but the MOST citylike pizza. Sorry, Joe’s. Your bonafides are spoken for, but Johnny’s Pizza Palace gets that New York taste just as brass-tacks accurate and with a much tastier slice besides. I have declared this in the year of our lord 2023. Hear my case at The Best Pizzas in America According to Tasting Table Staff.

Trust me on this. I tried every slice of pizza in the neighborhood, and half a dozen later, my last slice was the best one. I’m not just picking my local spot! There’s an article on their wall about a guy who committed himself to eating every slice in the borough, and he named it top three. And this Instagrammer on a similar quest says the same thing. That’s three independent studies, all finding Johnny’s Pizza Palace to be so good that it is, in fact, a palace of pizza.

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