Trying to Define Every Bourbon Term Damn Near Killed Me

It seemed so simple. Tasting Table asked me to define all the key bourbon terms. I thought I’d cement them handily in your minds while also simplifying and organizing them in my own memory. That’s how you learn, right? By teaching it in facile terms to others? Hoo boy! That was not what happened. My brain went numb chasing down every usage, legal definition, historical context, and all that goes into the terminology of bourbon, and I promise you I probably made a dozen mistakes I’m incapable of perceiving. By all means, let me know what stupid and obvious errors are in there, because by hour 14 of checking and rechecking as my own copy editor, I think my brain was mush. But not mash, which is an important bourbon term to describe mush. I definitely felt my thoughts pickling without taking a sip of bourbon though.