Stardust’s Greatest Kills, Part II: The Weirdening

Last month and also week, we began making fun of Stardust the Super Wizard over at 1-900-HOTDOG. This month, we conclude making fun of Stardust over at 1-900-HOTDOG. Nature has an order to it, you see.

I mentioned on the journal entry for part one, about how Stardust might just be the demigod I’m looking for in this kooky, all-encompassing conspiracy comic I write, Indelible, Inc. Well, this month he confronts a Dr. Kaos, and funny enough, in the few issues released (I promise a few more are done) we’ve already debuted a Dr. Kaos meant to be a golden age mad scientist villain, as well as an earlier figure all grown up, with a second Dr. Kaos planned from that origin. It sounded just cheesy enough to pass as a real Golden Age character while also alluding to their original identities. And herein we see there was, in fact, at least one real ’30s/’40s Dr. Kaos, and he even has the hairstyle of the character I want him to be. Turns out he was always real! I got Hanksed!

Also, I can’t promise I won’t play with the fact that Kaos never dies onscreen after going from a very classical Mad Scientist to a Venusian worm.

Meanwhile, Stardust went ahead and casually did a trick I’d intended to save for one of the biggest story points…which is the story I want to use him for. How are we supposed to trick him with his own bag?

So, you know. Ideaspace. It’ll take things away, then give ’em right back. I’m proceeding anyway.