Oh Hi, I Write for Punch Now

You know, there was a time in the last couple years I was thinking of reviving PUNCH the humor magazine, only to discover the name in play. And that’s life, but I also didn’t figure I’d be writing for it anytime soon until my friends and colleagues from Thrillist-turned-Group-Nine-turned-Vox asked me to lay out some twists on the margarita, America’s favorite Mexican cocktail. (Mexico itself, according to sales stats, prefers the palmoa, and who can blame them? Both good picks.) This piece was done in partnership with Grand Marnier, on the premise that you add it in and you get everything you’d normally mix into a marg in one easy spot. More complex flavor with easier construction just feels like the kind of agreeable shift I like to implement at home, so this one was easy to do.

You know I am really overdue to move the alcohol writing out into its own category separate from food.