The Best Burgers & Doughnuts, According to Tasting Table

Looks like these collaborative jam-session articles are going to be a regular thing around the Tasting Table, which is fine by me. On the heels of America’s Best Cocktails and America’s Best Pizza comes America’s Best Burgers, to which I submit, after fierce internal debate, the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern. Additionally, yours truly contributed to America’s Best Doughnuts, wherein I finally got a chance to get as hyped to gen pop about Super Nice as I do to the fellow uptown residents in my life. I slept on Super Nice for way too long after they opened, so I’m glad I woke up before moving out of East Harlem.

Now that you know where the best burgers and doughnuts are, you know full well what you have to do: assemble a Luther.

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