Oh, You’re Gonna Grill That Steak Like Hugh Acheson

I grilled (ha!) Hugh Acheson about his steak-on-the-barbie technique and tricks. Did you think I wouldn’t embrace that pun? Buddy, I have two decades of being an uncle on my belt, half my humor is now rerouted into jokes my sister won’t slap the back of my head for uttering in front of her kids. So Hugh Acheson and I conversed on the topic of perfectly grilled steak, and what makes grilled steak perfect. The two are distinct in an important fashion, because to truly enjoy your perfectly grilled steak, you need one more element that doesn’t come out of the oven. Take his advice on this. He’s a Beard Award-winning cookbook author and chef/restaurateur. If there’s an ingredient every steak needs, he’s got it written down somewhere.

Says here the secret ingredient is…love?! Who messed with my notes?

You’ll have to click on that link to know if I’m joking or not. (I’m not!)