I’m Generating Heat Over at Popular Mechanics

Two new sponsored-content articles are up at Pop Mech, both with Kohler generators. You interview, you learn, you get hyped for unlimited power! Well, within reason. Anyway, please enjoy What You Need to Know About Installing a Home Generator and its companion piece, 5 Easy Home Upgrades to Combat Extreme Weather. I got to talk about two things that interest me greatly: rain barrels and planting trees, both of which take very little know-how but can significantly reduce your resource consumption while making life better. It’s basically free and clean!

Now do not ask me about the people who take composting far enough to store their urine and dispose of it in the compost pile by cover of darkness. It’s not a tip for the Pop Mech crowd. (And no, I haven’t done this. It’s more for country living than the Bronx, if you ask me, and my compost bin is doing fine without me.)