National Rum Month Is Real and It’s Octacular

It’s National Rum Month, because you can declare any time period the official anything of anything. Look, I’ll do it right now: The third week of December is officially the feast of the Mithras. See? Easy. Now we all have to go do traditional activities that commemorate the Roman messiah, like….uh, like…wow, seems like we might actually be doing all of those already.

Anyway, it’s too late for Mithmas in July, so why not kick back with a rum cocktail courtesy of this list of bars slinging Bacardi Ocho? They compiled a list of their favorite places serving specialty Ocho cocktails, and Eater commissioned me to gush about them.

Oh hey, they did an Ocho article to celebrate the eighth month of the year. Neat. Thanks for messing with the calendar, Augustus Caesar! It finally worked out perfectly for all of us.

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