You Can Enjoy Gin Without Ruining the Earth, Maybe

Do you like gin and sustainability? You can go to hell if it’s neither. But if you only like one, choose sustainability. Anyway, Bombay Gin asked Eater to ask me to write up sustainability focused bars that also make kickass Bombay Sapphire cocktails, which I was happy to do because I like both of those things. Now you’re keyed in to the deal with 8 NYC Bars Focused on Sustainability Right Now. Why shouldn’t we raise a glass to drinking green? Assuming we are. Look, I don’t know a lot about anything, I just think bars that are doing their best get my dollar ahead of the ones that aren’t. All I know is you can be diligent to a fault your entire life, and then your entire efforts are wiped out by the Navy deciding to do one extra test flight. Nothing can be helped! You’re strapped into a roller coaster called humanity, with no driver, only the mad physics in front of you.

This is why I drink.