Oh Hi, I Write for Elle Decor Now

Boy, what a year. Another new publication in the freelance logs, joining its many HearstMade brethren. This time up it’s Elle Decor, where I wax green on the value of heat pumps for the modern home. I actually sold myself on getting one in my new apartment, though I’ll save that purchase for the summer months, since NYC radiators are, by design, 80% of a nuclear reactor at its meltdown point. Owing to the permanent renter status of most New Yorkers, and the baked-in heat (and often HVAC) of these places, it wasn’t something I’d had to ponder too often. Now I’m thinking it might be nicer, and less of a pain to install, than an air conditioner.

Anyway, have fun learning How Your HVAC Choice Can Help Save the Planet (or at least damage it less).